Food Rituals

by Sybaris | 27.10.18

Photography: Ran Golani

Throughout history, food has always been in the spotlight of rituals. For a prosperous and good life, we created this next series. Do try this at home:

You will need:
3 nike hat
4 ancient figurines
1 hooka
1/2 toaster oven
2 gucci socks
400 gr. steak
1 crystal
3 car tires

Rinse the Gucci socks in Coca-Cola marinade, until they are soft but not mushy.
Grade the Crystal on top of the smiles, serve it cold.

Bake the 4 figurines one at a time, make sure its smoky don’t forget to add some greens.

Wear the Nike hat and smoke 4 puffs from the Hookah.
add 1/2 spoon of salt on top of 3 car tires, cover with aluminum foil and refrigerate.


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